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Registration The IGap Account Using A Web Version

Registration the iGap Account Using a Web Version

Registration the Account Using a Web Version:

  • If you want to register your account using Web version, you just need to type its required URL (Http:// to be directed to the first page (Registration) and enter your mobile phone number without the first “0/zero”. (for example: 9011234567)

  • Your own country will be selected based on your IP by default. If wrong, just click on the country name and choose yours over the list of country names. 
  • A field named “Agreement” can be seen at the bottom of the page, on which if you click there will be a text about privacy policy in iGap, and you can be directed to the next step by clicking on “OK” if so. 
  • Now a window is open and asks you whether your entered mobile phone number is correct or not. If not, you can return to the previous page to edit and then confirm by clicking on the “Edit” button. But if your entered number was correct, by pressing the “Confirm” button, you will receive the verification code on your mobile phone. Getting to the next step is up to typing the code manually. 
  • In this step, you are able to choose a nickname and a profile picture in order to complete your account information. Clicking on the pictograph of camera provides you to choose and upload your ideal picture from the ones existed on your computer. 
  • When you choose your favorite picture, it will be put in a frame and the iGap messaging application makes it possible to edit and crop it in order to be shown better. 
  • Click the “Skip” button and wait on uploading your ideal picture and then be directed to the next step. 
  • The first page: after registration and completing the account information, the user will see a page on which he/she can observe the list of chats and channels he/she has joined (for the first time there is nothing to observe, because you have not been a member in any channels yet). 

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