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Privilege Levels In Channels And/or Groups

Privilege Levels in Channels and/or Groups

Different privilege levels in channels and/or groups:

  1. Creator: S/he is the one who has created the group and/or channel and has the highest level of privilege (or the First privilege).
  2. Admin: S/he is the one who’s elected as the administrator by the creator and has the Second level of privilege. To be an admin needs to be a member in the same group or channel first.
  3. Additional Admin/Moderator: S/he is the one who’s identified as the additional administrator by the creator or administrator and has the Third level of privilege. If you want to be identified as the additional admin or moderator, first you have to be one of the members at the same group and/or channel.
  4. Members: They are people who have joined the groups and/or channels with no particular level of privilege.

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