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Logging Out Of The IGap Account Through Android

Logging Out of the iGap Account Through Android

Logging Out the Account:

If you tend to log out the application and stop your activation but still have your own account, just tap “Log Out”; again you will be able to log into your existed account when you start the application and type the same mobile phone number as before and the received verification code can be sent through the Android system automatically.

You can reach this option in two ways:

  1. By touching the icon of three lines located at the top-left corner of the mobile screen you can enter Menu and choose the last alternative as “Log Out”.   
  2. The second way to get to this choice is to tap Menu bar, then choose “Setting” in order that your account page will be seen.   

At the top-right corner of the page, there will be the three dots icon by which you can see two options- the above is “Log Out” and the below is “Delete Account”. By choosing the first one, you will be asked if you are sure to log out, by pressing “OK” stop your activation for the moment.   

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