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Delete Or Destruct Account Through Android

Delete or Destruct Account Through Android

Deleting/Destructing Account:

The iGap Account may be deleted or destructed totally if you want to stop not only your activation but also your account.

In order to do it pass the following steps:

  • At the top-left corner of the mobile screen the three lines icon can be seen and the Menu bar can be open by pressing that.


Tap “Setting” to open the account page. Touch the three dots icon at the top-right corner of the mobile screen and see two options of “Log Out” and “Delete Account”.

By choosing “Delete Account”, you will be asked if you are sure to continue or not. If so and tap “OK”, you are directed to a page to finish the process of deleting account, in which you need to be sent the “Destruction Code” from iGap servers.

In Android Phones, the field of Destruction Code is going to be filled automatically. If not until the timer stops, you have this authority to type it manually. After typing the destruction code, you have to tap tick mark at the top-right corner of the mobile screen. A message is shown about your sureness of deleting account that if you choose “OK”, your account will be deleted entirely.


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