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Creating A Private IGap Group In Android

Creating a Private iGap Group in Android

How to create a private group in Android?

If you’ve decided to create a private group, you should tap the icon of three lines at the top-left corner of the main page of your account and see menu options about your account.

Choose “New Group” to see a new page in which you need to enter and type the group name and a description about your group. Despite, you can identify your group by its appropriate name and description, you can set a picture related to its topic (remember that group name is the only mandatory item, but others are optional).

For setting a picture as your group profile, tap the + sign, then select the right path to browse and choose your ideal picture.

The selected picture can be cropped using the CROP icon and set it as you like.

Now press CROP at the top-right corner of the page and set as your favorite avatar, and see the picture in a frame. Then tap “Continue” and see the picture of your current group.

As described before, you can type a name and even a description (if you like) in this page. Then touch “Next Step” to go to the next step.

To finalize creating your group as a private one, you have to add some members. Because this is a private group, you are the only person who is allowed to add members and they cannot be added using any link. So, choose the ones you are interested in sharing your files and texts with. And enjoy having a conversation all together.

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