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Creating A New Group In IGap Through Android Version

Creating a New Group in iGap Through Android Version

Creating a group in iGap app through Android version:

Although you can have a private chat with any of your contacts in iGap, it is possible to have a group chat with several contacts simultaneously. By which you can add new contacts as members and then enjoy chatting all together.

If you are willing to create a group in iGap, you have to begin the courses of action as following:

  • At the top-left corner of the screen you can see the icon of three lines. By choosing that, all the options will be shown. So, tap the “New Group” firstly. 
  • Now there is a new page and you are asked to choose a name and a brief description about the new created group. (remember, choosing a name for the group is mandatory but the description is optional.) 
  • Then to choose a picture for the group, touch the plus sign (+) on the circle shown at top of the page and select your ideal picture from the right path on your device. 
  • In iGap app for choosing your favorite group picture with required cut, you just need to tap the crop icon at the top-right corner of the screen and crop it for reaching the best cut. 
  • When touching this icon, you will see a squared box on your picture. To choose the best part of the picture, just move your finger on the squared box and choose the ideal part, then cut it. At last, tap “Crop” and touch “Continue” to see the group picture on the circle. 
  • After selecting a picture for your group, you have to name and describe it briefly. Since description for the group is optional, leaving its field blank does not matter. When you choose the right name, just tap “Next Step”. 
  • At the moment, you have the list of contacts whom you are able to choose and invite to your new group. Finally, tap the tick mark to see the new page which shows your name as the creator and other members you have added. You have your main page now to chat through a group with several contacts at the same time. Enjoy chatting!

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