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Creating A Channel In IGap- Through Android

Creating a Channel in iGap- Through Android

What is a Channel in iGap?

iGap users are able to share any files, pictures and other documents with anyone they’d like to and even send messages to a community with no restrictions in number. There is no need to create Channels with 5000 members at most, since you can have a virtual space like news channel and share all media with everyone in this world.

To have a channel in iGap app through Android Version, you need to tap the + sign at the bottom right corner of the main page and then tap the channel icon or tap on the icon of three lines at the top-left corner of the main page of your account, so that you will see menu options. 

Choose “New Channel” in order to set a picture for the channel icon, channel name and a brief description about your new channel.

Please touch the + sign to upload your favorite picture for your channel icon through the right path. 

After selecting your ideal picture, crop it to get the best for your channel icon using the crop icon at the top left corner and see your picture in a squared frame. 

Consequently, press CROP in order that the set picture will be shown as the channel icon; then to go to the “Next Step”, type a name –which is mandatory- and a brief description as optional. 

Finally, choose your favorite channel as “Private” or “Public”.

Public Channel: in this channel every one of iGap users can search your channel name and join as its member.

By choosing this kind of channel, you will have a new page about channel information such as “Your Link” field, in which you can type a username as an ID (use A-Z/a-z, 0-9); and go to the next step. Remember, the characters must be at least 5 up to 32.

Private Channel: not everyone using iGap can join this channel, but you also have to add contacts as members of the channel and use the shared media.

Here, go ahead by tapping “Next Step”. There will be shown your contact list whom you are able to select if you like as the channel members. At last you can touch the tick mark on top of the page to see the main page of the channel then. 

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