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Converting A Private Group To A Public One Through Web

Converting a Private Group to a Public one Through Web

How to Convert a Private Group to a Public one in Web Version iGap?

You can create a group by choosing “New Group” over the options of menu (with regard to the instructions about creating a new group in Web version iGap) and add whom you are interested in as group members. As the number of members in this kind of group is restricted, this is called “Private Group”; but when you decide to convert it into a public, click on the group name shown on top of the screen to see menu options.

After choosing the option “Convert to Public” and typing a username for the group in the new page, you can confirm it (the characters must be at least 5 up to 32 with letters and digits among A-Z / 0-9).

Then by returning to the group page, you can see the creator’s action taken for converting the group into a public one. Since then, all members are able to send this group username to their friends and invite them. The maximum number of members in a public group is 5000.


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