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Converting A Private Channel To A Public Through Android

Converting a Private Channel to a Public Through Android

How to convert a private channel to a public one in iGap through Android?

When you create a new channel according to the previous instructions for the first time and add members, it will be called a Private Channel; because the only members can be notified of the shared media and messages are the ones you as the creator and administrator of that channel had added. Additionally; adding members is possible only for you as the creator/admin not anyone else.

If you want to change your private channel to a public one in order to get introduced to more users and even make friends, you must tap the channel name at top of the page to see Channel Settings.

You see the icon of three dots at the top-left corner of the screen which will show the option of “Convert to Public” by getting tapped.

There will be shown a message on your page about your certainty for converting to public. If you are sure, tap “OK”.

The last step of conversion is to set a username for your channel as its ID. Please note that the username must be consist of 5 to 32 characters. After saving your channel username, you will see the main page and what you’ve done as the conversion activity.

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