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Clearing Cache In IGap Application On Your Device

Clearing Cache in iGap Application on Your Device

Clear Cache

The most important goal to build Cache is to improve using Internet and increasing the speed of loading websites. So, it has its own pros and cons all together.

If you do not clear your device cache occasionally, the occupied space may cause your device performs slowly, stops temporarily or even hangs. These are bad effects we may get unless clear cache every now and then.

*Clearing Cache of any device can be very effective, especially if it has been occupied a lot. It does not affect any other data in your device.

For doing that just follow the rules below:

  • Refer to the “Setting” section and choose “Clear Cache” over the options of General Setting.

  • By selecting every one of the options including pictures, videos and/or documents you can start clearing.   *Clearing Cache is only for clearing the received data in Cache such as video, picture, document and etc.*These data are available on iGap servers and you can retrieve them the second time you access the channel. So no worries to lose your data.

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