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Checking And Controlling The Active Sessions In IGap Through Android

Checking and Controlling the active sessions in iGap through Android

iGap application can run on other devices or systems and let the users to sign in their accounts using tablets, PCs or else.

When you want to check whether your account has been signed in by any other devices except for yours at the same time, enter Settings section of your account. In “Privacy and Security” section then, tap Security and check any other connected devices or users to your iGap account.

In the “Current Session” there are information about your device used by yourself at the moment such as your device brand or model, country in which you are, the first time you signed in and IP.

In another frame below the “Current Session”, there are information about all other devices connected and signed in using your account info. The information you are able to see about other connected devices are as yours on top such as the device brand or model, country in which the device is, the first time connected to your account and IP.

Checking and controlling the other active sessions help you recognize whether your account has been hacked into by anyone or not. If so, make it terminated right away.


Controlling Other Active Sessions:

If any other devices have signed in and connected to your account info, you will see it in the frame of “Active Sessions. Any information about other devices in the following frame means other device(s) are/is using your account information and may access your personal information and passwords. So, touch the information and express your certainty in terminating all active sessions.

Then it will stop their connection to your account info, and in the list of sessions, you can see only your active session you are using your account info currently.


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