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Financial payments on Android and iOS version of iGap

Financial services (Paying bills, traffic tickets, SIM card top up, enquiring phone debt) have been added to the new Android version (0.8.0) and iOS version (0.6.0) of iGap.

Your desired themes on new Android version (0.7.0) of iGap

The new Android version of iGap has been released with new features. Now you can select your own theme.

Verified accounts on iGap (iOS 0.5.1)

The new iOS version of iGap has been released. Now you can recognize verified accounts by the blue badge.

How to use Financial Payments on new Android version of iGap (0.8.0)

In this article, you can read how to use financial services on the Android version of iGap.

How to make a public group private on Android version of iGap

Click on the bar above containing the name of the group to…

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